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Adajize's industry leading reach gets us access to 90% of the sites across the web.

Target the users who have the best chance of converting while building your brand with ads on the most respected sites. Identify your Ad ROI with control over display ad expenditure.

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Get targeted traffic to your websites
Only pay for performance
Reach more customers from mobile traffic
Access a bigger audience
Expand your brand globally


Adajize publishers earn 75% to 80% of the total click value. The highest in the industry!

Adajize effectively delivers its campaigns to premium publishers, monetizing their mobile inventory through CPC/CPM models on banners, text ads, interstitial ads, xml feeds.

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Premium ads with industry-leading CPC
Superior CTRs
The most relevancy and best user experience
Monetize your existing mobile traffic
Earn cash from impressions & clicks

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